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Injured Persons by Transportation Mode

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AG Automated Guideway: A rail system operating on a single track and without an operator.
CB Commuter Bus: Fixed-route bus systems that are primarily connecting outlying areas with a central city. Service typically uses over-the-road buses with service predominantly in one direction during peak periods, limited stops, and routes of extended length.
CC Cable Car: A unique rail system in San Francisco, CA operating on cables located underneath streets.
DR Demand Response: Shared-ride transportation service operating over regular streets and roads, but not according to fixed routes. Commonly called "paratransit" service.
DT Demand Response-Taxi: A special form of the demand response mode operated through taxicab providers.
FB Ferryboat: Shared-ride transportation service for persons operated on waterways.
IP Inclined Plane: A rail system using cables for operating on steep slopes. Also known as a "funicular."
HR Heavy Rail: A rail system operated on completely exclusive guideway, with no grade crossings for vehicles or pedestrians. Systems often support long trains of 6-8 cars, and typically have level-platform boarding. Commonly called "subways" or "rapid rails."
JT Jitney: Shared-ride transportation system using owner-operated vehicles on regular streets and roads according to fixed routes, but not necessarily according to fixed-schedules.
LR Light Rail: A rail system operating on local routes with relatively frequent stops, and one or more grade crossings for vehicles or pedestrians. Systems often use shorter trains of 2-4 cars, and are typically powered by overhead wires. Light Rail includes both streetcars, and rapid light rail systems which may have extensive stretches of exclusive guideways, including tunnels/subways.
MB Motor Bus: Shared-ride transportation service operating over regular streets and roads, according to fixed routes. Vehicles are powered by an on-board motor, and are not owner-operated.
MO Monorail: A rail system operating on a single rail and with an on-board operator.
PB Público: The jitney system operating in Puerto Rico.
TB Trolleybus: Shared-ride transportation service operating over regular streets and roads, according to fixed routes, and powered by overhead wires. Does not include historic or replica "trolleys" powered by on-board motors.
TR Aerial Tramway: Transportation of passengers provided in a car suspended from overhead wires.
VP Vanpool: Shared-ride transportation service in which one of the riders operates the vehicle. Pools of riders are arranged by a public transportation provider and are open to the public. The driver may receive some in-kind benefits such as free or reduced fares and/or limited personal use of the vehicle.

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